Mat Etiquette

We maintain a pretty relaxed atmosphere at Team Junqueira, but there are some unwritten rules that all team members should abide by. These rules are pretty straightforward and are very easy to remember, so make them part of your habit when in class or open mat.

  • Always wear a clean gi or have clean no gi attire, make sure your nails are trimmed and in general... don't be stinky. 
  • When stepping on or off the mats, bow in and bow out.
  • If there is a black belt on the mat, pay your respects and shake their hand. 
  • When lining up for class, kneel in the black mat area. 
  • This one is really important - during rolls / fights, yield to higher ranked belts and move somewhere else on the mat.
  • If you get cut or are for some reason bleeding, immediately stop rolling and determine if you can stop the bleeding with tape or if you need sit out. Use the mat cleaning solution to wipe up any blood and sterilize the area. 

Some additional notes from Ethan, a member of Team Junqueira's kids program...

  • Do not mess around on the window sill and mat walls.
  • Sit respectfully on your knees, not slumped over like on your living room couch.
  • It is NOT a race to line up first.
  • Shake every ones hand after you bow out and then get hand sanitizer.
  • Put your shoes and water and other possible items in cubbies and not in waiting/spectating area.
  • Wear your shoes on the way to the bathroom so the germs do not get on the mat and teammates.
  • When doing warmups rolls (summersaults, side rolls, etc) wait until the person in front of you is half way down the mat to avoid collisions.