Ready to Compete?

If you are considering entering a jiu-jitsu tournament, good for you! 

Competing in jiu-jitsu is one of the best ways to gauge your progression and to determine which techniques are working well and which techniques you need to address.

If you have never competed before, you'll want to make sure you do a few things. Such as...

  • Tell your head instructor that you are thinking of competing
  • Ask your instructors to help you devise a game plan based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Go to our Takedown Classes Saturday morning and our Competition Training on Sunday morning leading up to the tournament  (get those reps in)
  • Choose a tournament that's right for you. You'll want to make your first tournament a great experience, so don't ruin it by going to a disorganized event. Not sure which ones are well-run vs. not... just ask some of the higher ranking belts in the gym. They'll let you know. 
  • Let your teammates know that you will be competing so they can help you prepare.  

Once you figure out the tournament you will be entering, make sure you read the details on the available brackets, registration deadlines, weigh-in dates, etc. There is also plenty of information online about what to eat (and not eat) before competing, how to properly hydrate yourself, etc. Here are two examples, look around and find the one that is best for you Example 1 and Example 2. Be sure to show up a few hours early to get the lay of the land, chill out, listen to some music or socialize, do some warmups, and stay loose. Soon enough, they'll be calling your name to step on the mat.

And remember - win, lose, or draw you'll be glad you at least got one competition under your belt. The jiu-jitsu journey is about consistently testing your limits and growing as a human being. Good luck and have fun!!!